Coto Classic CT Molded Switches and Sensors

CotoClassic™ Molded Reed Switches

Coto Classic CT05 and CT10

Coto Classic Molded Switches are the single-pole, single throw (SPST) type, having normally open ruthenium contacts. The sensor is a double-ended type and may be actuated with an electromagnet, a permanent magnet or a combination of both. The CT05 (5mm / 5W) is designed for SMD mounting and is available in Gull Wing or J-Lead configurations. The CT10 (10mm / 10W) is designed for SMD mounting and is available in Gull Wing, J-Lead, and axial configurations.  All CT Molded Switches are 100% tested AFTER lead forming to ensure superior reliability in the field.  Note: The new CT10-G2 is 260°C process temperature hardy!   Download CT05 Datasheet       Download CT10 Datasheet


  • Ideal for SMD Pick-and-Place
  • Tape & Reel Packaging
  • Rugged Encapsulation
  • 100% Tested AFTER Lead Forming
  • RoHS Compliant
Download the Molded Reed Switches Selector Chart


CT Molded Switches Contact Specs

Contact Specifications CT05 CT10
Standard Operate Range (Ampere Turns, Min - Max) 15 to 50 10 to 40
Standard Release Range (Ampere Turns, Min - Max) 5 to 49 3 to 39
Switching Voltage (Max VDC) 140 200
Switching Current (Max mA) 350 500
Carry Current (mA) 500 500
Contact Rating (Max Watts) 5 10
Life Expectancy (1V, 10mA, x10^6) 500 1000
Life Expectancy (10V, 10mA, x10^6) 100 500
Static Contact Resistance (m ohms) 160 200

CT Molded Switches Switch Specs

Switch Specifications CT05 CT10
Insulation Resistance (min Ω) 10^4 10^6
Dielectric Strength (VDC) 230 230

CT Molded Switches Environmental Specs

Environmental Specifications CT05 CT10
Storage Temperature (degree C, Min - Max) -40 to +125 -40 to +125
Operating Temperature (degree C, Min - Max) -40 to +125 -40 to +125
Soldering Temperature (degree C, Max) 260 260 (See Note 2)
Vibration (Gs, Max) 10 10
Shock (Gs, Max) 100 100
1.  AT values measured using a Philips 10JK coil.
2. Surface mount component processing Model CT10-G1 & G2: 500 DegF (260 DegC) max peak; Model CT10-G4 & A2: 439 DegF (226 DegC) max peak.
3. Temperature measured on leads where lead exits molded package.

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