Using proven TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) technology, the high-performance RedRock® RR112 analog TMR magnetic sensor series, the RR122 digital sensor series, and the RR132 digital switch series have numerous technologically-advanced applications in multiple markets and are ultra low power magnetic sensors. Offering both high sensitivity, ultra-miniature package size, ultra low power consumption and a highly-competitive price, the TMR Magnetic Sensor devices are ideally suited to the demands of next generation medical, automotive, instrumentation, consumer and industrial applications; and they are quickly becoming a popular alternative to Hall Effect and Reed Switch. The tiny solid state TMR Magnetic Sensors offer high magnetic sensitivity with high hysteresis, EMF resistance, a small package size, and ultra low power consumption to conserve battery power on critical devices.


Coto Technology is the worldwide leader of small signal switching products sold into the Automatic Test Equipment, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Process Control, Telecommunications, Medical and Security markets. Our Classic line of Relays & Switches contains a wide range of form and function. And all of our products are 100% tested!


CotoMOS® relays are a reliable and readily-available switching solution by Coto Technology. Utilizing highly-reliable, custom-designed MOSFET technology, CotoMOS® relays provide a high-performance, solid state solution for applications requiring low input power and virtually unlimited life. Ideally suited to the needs of industrial controls, security, metering, instrumentation and automatic test equipment, CotoMOS® relays are available in Form A, Form B, and Form A+B (Form C) form factors to service a wide range of switching requirements.


Located in Mexicali, Mexico, Coto’s manufacturing facility offers a full range of comprehensive services. Provisions include physical resources, engineering, procurement, and supply chain management - as well as production planning and product cell manufacturing using highly-automated, precision machinery in conjunction with complex hand-assembly processing. Finishing services include final product testing, marking, packaging , inventorying and shipping.

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Introducing the 9853 Series!

The 9853 Series Compact ATE-Grade, Form C Reed Relay has the same electrical performance and PCB layout as Coto’s exclusive 9852 J-lead relay, but with a new package design that offers much greater availability to support high-volume ATE applications.
Read More!

New App Note!!  Learn How to Replace
Hall Effect Sensors
with TMR Sensors

App note Cover for How to Replace Hall Sensors with TMR Sensors

Do you have an application that currently uses a Hall Effect sensor and want to replace it with a TMR sensor? In circumstances where Hall Effect sensor lead times remain extremely long due to ongoing supply shortages, RedRock® TMR sensors can be a welcome alternative…  Read More!

Replace Hall Effect Sensors with TMR Magnetic Sensors!

Coto has TMR Magnetic Sensors with short lead times (some part numbers are even in stock!) Ready availability is making RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensors a popular replacement alternative for hard-to-get Hall Effect Sensors and Reed Switches.  Take a look at our selection of sensors and contact our application support engineers for help today!   Read More!

New RedRock Users Guide Helps with TMR Sensor Selection

Coto Technology has produced and posted a new Quick Reference Guide for its complete line of ultra low power RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensor products.   Read More!

RedRock® RR122-1B12-511 / 512 TMR Digital Magnetic Sensor Released

The ultra low power RR122-1B12 TMR magnetic sensor features an operating frequency of 2 Hz, a voltage supply range of +1.7V to +5.5V and an extremely strong magnetic sensitivity (30 G or 3 mT) in an ultra-miniature package size at a highly-competitive price.  Read More!

RedRock® RR122-1A22-511 / 512 TMR Digital Magnetic Sensor Released

Coto Technology’s ultra low power RedRock® RR122-1A22-511 / 512 Series TMR Digital Magnetic Sensor offers the highest sensitivity and lowest power consumption available in an active magnetic sensor. Read More!

RedRock® TMR Sensors Featured on MikroE’s new Click Board

Coto has collaborated with MikroE in their new TMR mix-sens Click Board to target product development engineers who currently use or might use the MikroE ecosystem to speed prototype and development of products using Coto RedRock® TMR magnetic sensors.  Read More!

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