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REDROCK TMR : 磁気センサー/スイッチ

実証済みのTMR(トンネル磁気抵抗)効果を利用したRedRock RR112アナログ磁気センサー、RR122デジタルセンサー、そしてRR132デジタルスイッチは、優れた技術をもとに作られており、幅広い用途に使用可能です。TMR磁気センサーは高感度、超小型、低消費電力でありながら低価格であり、次世代型医療、自動車、計測器、その他の産業用途に最適なデバイスを実現しています。 小型TMR磁気センサーは優れた特性をもち、ヒステリシス、EMF抵抗および小型パッケージ化で高い磁気感度を実現し、 消費電力は極めて少ないデバイスです。

COTO クラシック:リレー/スイッチ



CotoMOS®リレーは、信頼性が高く、機器への組み込みが簡単にできます。 さらに、高信頼性でカスタム仕様であり、低消費電力、長寿命が要求される製品に最適であり、製造ラインの制御、セキュリティ、自動計測、自動試験装置などに採用されています。多様な使用条件に対応するために、フォームA、フォームB、およびフォームA + B(フォームC)が用意されています。


Introducing the 9853 Series!

The 9853 Series Compact ATE-Grade, Form C Reed Relay has the same electrical performance and PCB layout as Coto’s exclusive 9852 J-lead relay, but with a new package design that offers much greater availability to support high-volume ATE applications.
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Coto Technology Exhibits at Semicon Taiwan, 2022

Coto Exhibits in Taiwan

Coto successfully co-exhibited with local Sales Representative, RapidTek Technologies, Inc. at Semicon Taiwan, 2022 taking place in Taipei, Taiwan on Sept 14-16.     Read More!

New RedRock Users Guide Helps with TMR Sensor Selection

Coto Technology has produced and posted a new Quick Reference Guide for its complete line of ultra low power RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensor products.   Read More!

RedRock® RR122-1B12-511 / 512 TMR Digital Magnetic Sensor Released

The ultra low power RR122-1B12 TMR magnetic sensor features an operating frequency of 2 Hz, a voltage supply range of +1.7V to +5.5V and an extremely strong magnetic sensitivity (30 G or 3 mT) in an ultra-miniature package size at a highly-competitive price.  Read More!

RedRock® RR122-1A22-511 / 512 TMR Digital Magnetic Sensor Released

Coto Technology’s ultra low power RedRock® RR122-1A22-511 / 512 Series TMR Digital Magnetic Sensor offers the highest sensitivity and lowest power consumption available in an active magnetic sensor. Read More!

RedRock® TMR Sensors Featured on MikroE’s new Click Board

Coto has collaborated with MikroE in their new TMR mix-sens Click Board to target product development engineers who currently use or might use the MikroE ecosystem to speed prototype and development of products using Coto RedRock® TMR magnetic sensors.  Read More!

Covid-19 Update

Although we continue to manufacture at nearly full capacity, production lead times have been extended due to raw material supply issues that are being experienced throughout the world.  Meanwhile, we remain vigilant with regard to the on-going Coronavirus; we continue to maintain strict hygiene standards throughout our facilities and conduct scheduled health checks before and during workdays to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees. However, despite all advanced safety measures, adherence to strict guidelines and our “essential business” status, manufacturing sustainability is always a concern as the virus continues to surge worldwide and federal lockdowns become possibilities. We are hopeful that better times are ahead in the near future.

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