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Coto Adds New Sales Partners in France and Israel

Coto welcomes to iSC-Distrel and DSL Components to our global channel partner network.  iSC-Distrel serves as a Coto Technology product Distributor and Sales Agent in France.  Being firmly established in the French market and well known as a highly service-oriented technical distributor, iSC-Distrell is a welcome addition as Coto’s local channel partner in France .
In addition, DSL Components (and in particular Mr. David Lipener), now represents Coto in the Israel market place.  Adding a local representative with more than 30 years of experience within the electronics industry allows us to enhance our service – as well as market reach – in Israel.  Please join us in welcoming DSL Components to our global channel network.

Ultraminiature TMR-Based RedRock Switches / Sensors Products Debut at Electronica Germany, 2016

Exhibiting in Hall B1, Booth #525 at Electronica Germany, Coto Technology Inc. will be showcasing its newly-released RedRock™ RR110 analog sensor, RR120 digital sensor, and RR130 digital switch.  With a standard SOT-23 package, these devices are half of the size of Coto’s CT05 molded reed switch. The high-performance RedRock RR110, RR120, and RR130 have numerous technologically-advanced applications in multiple markets.   Offering both high sensitivity and small package size, the devices are ideally suited to the demands of next generation medical, automotive, instrumentation, and industrial applications. The tiny sensors offers high magnetic sensitivity with high hysteresis, EMF resistance, and a small package size, all while consuming very little power.

The RR110, RR120, and RR130 meet the strict power constraints of battery-operated portable devices and electronics, suiting the needs of emerging medical device applications including ingestibles and implantables. The small package size addresses the needs of current medical applications including portable insulin pumps, capsule endoscopes, next generation hearing aids, insulin pens, medical wearables, and other small, battery-powered medical electronic devices. Other applications include consumer smart wearables, high precision fluid level sensing, security and anti-tampering, “wake up” mode switching on a microprocessor, and more.


The Coto Technology RedRock RR110, RR120, and RR130 TMR magnetic sensors and switches are immediately available through Coto’s distributors at a single unit price of $2.95 (with high volume application pricing under $0.99). An evaluation kit (RR110-EK) is also available through Coto’s distributors. The kit contains a motherboard, both an RR110 and RR130 mounted at opposite ends, a magnet, and other accessories along with documentation.


For more information on RedRock™ sensors and switches as well as other Coto Technology products, please visit or email directly.
See Coto Technology at Electronica Germany, Hall B1, Booth #525  (Nov. 8-11).

Notice! Some Mercury (HG) Products will Soon Be Obsolete!

Obsolete HG Parts List

Some parts within these HG series will soon be obsolete. Click on this image to open a .pdf file showing which products will remain active & which will soon be obsolete

March 14, 2016

Re: Notification of Discontinuance of Certain Mercury Relays

In 2007 Coto acquired the assets of SRC Devices.  As part of the acquisition there were over 500 different Mercury parts that were in the portfolio.  Since then we have been utilizing components manufactured by a number of former SRC Vendors, many of which are no longer supporting components, either due to tool wear or a number of other factors.  In addition, there are several parts that have not had any requirements in the ensuing 8 year period.  At this point, Coto does not intend to invest or support selected parts within the following part families, which will be considered obsolete effective immediately. The list of specific parts is too large to include in this notification, so we have provided a link to a PDF file listing all of Coto’s Mercury products – both active and obsolete.   If you would like a sortable, .xls version of this file, you can request one from

This action is specific to the listed part numbers designated as “obsolete.” All “active” parts that will continue to be supported are also included in the list to ensure clear direction for parts available for general sale.

As there is a considerable installed base for these discontinued parts we realize that some of you may want to request LTB’s (Last Time Buys).  Please contact your Account Manager for review within the next 30 days.  Please understand that if we are able to support LTB parts then there will be minimum lot sizes and setup costs, assuming components can be made available.


New CotoMOS® 140 Series MOSFET Relay Handles 1500V

Coto Technology has released the new CotoMOS® 140 Series solid state relay for high-voltage switching applications. The CotoMOS® 140 series has a load voltage of 1500V and a Load Current of 45mA Max. AC/DC, configurable to 70mA in DC Mode.

High Voltage 140 Series CotoMOS

CotoMOS® 140 Series Solid State Relay Handles 1500V

Coto Technology, Inc. has released the CotoMOS® 140 series High Voltage solid state relay further extending Coto’s suite of High Current/High Voltage solid state relays. With a 45mA AC/DC load current that is configurable to 70mA in DC mode, the 140 series is unique to the industry.

Available in 6-pin through-hole and surface mount packages, the CotoMOS® 140 Form A relay has a low on resistance of 110Ω with a high standard I/O Breakdown Voltage of 3750V to meet EU standards. The CotoMOS® 140 is specially designed for high voltage applications such as Industrial Controls, Test & Measurement Systems, Battery Management, and Solar Panels.

This new CotoMOS® series of solid state relays is a part of Coto’s newest line of professional-grade MOSFET relays, which provide a high performance, solid-state solution for high-voltage switching applications. CotoMOS® 140 Series products are available for immediate delivery through Coto’s distribution partners; in high-volume standard lead times are 10 to 12 weeks.

A detailed datasheet with mechanical drawings and electrical specifications is available by download on Coto’s website at In addition, an applications note entitled: “How to Increase Your Current Capacity of 6-pin CotoMOS® Solid State MOSFET Relays by up to 100%” (housed within Coto’s website Resource Library) provides instructions on how to configure the CotoMOS® 140 for increased current carrying capacity.

Coto Technology is the world leader of small signal switching products sold into the Automatic Test Equipment, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Process Control, Telecommunications, Medical and Security markets.


New 2362 SMD, 2 Form C Relay Offers Long Life / Reliability

Coto Technology has a developed a surface mountable 2 Form C reed relay designed for high reliability and long life. Coto Technology 2362 2-Form C Relay

Coto Technology, Inc. has announced the development and release of the new Coto 2362 Series surface mountable 2 Form C relay. The 2362, which is a surface mount version of Coto’s popular 2342 2-Form C pico relay, offers a proven reed design with longer life than competing 2-Form C EMR products. The 2362 is ideally suited to the needs of automated test, instrumentation and telecommunication applications to increase system reliability and life where high density is required.

The 2362 has a lead time of 10-12 weeks. A detailed datasheet on the new 2362 Series is available on Coto’s website.



Coto Technology has just released the 9913 Series ultra-miniature surface mount reed relay. The 9913 has the smallest footprint available in the market.Coto Technology 9913 Series Ultra-Miniature Reed Relay

Coto Technology, Inc. has announced the release of the 9913 ultra-miniature surface mount reed relay. With a footprint of only 0.054 in2, the 9913 has the smallest footprint available in the market today. The 9913 Series is ideally suited to the needs of the Automated Test Equipment, Instrumentation, and Telecommunications designer.

The Coto Technology 9913 Series surface mount reed relay is available in a compact J-Bend SMD package and includes a standard external magnetic shield for reduced magnetic interaction and to maximize density where high pin count and high performance is required.   As with all Coto relays, the 9913 Series is 100% tested. In addition to having high-reliability, hermetically-sealed contacts for long life, the 9913 is RoHS compliant.

The Coto Technology 9913 Series is available for immediate delivery through Coto’s distribution partners; high-volume lead times range 12 to 14 weeks. A detailed datasheet for the 9913 Series with mechanical drawings and electrical specifications is available by download on Coto’s website.