CUPP Relays

The CUPP Series has become a standard in the European relay market due to its versatile switch and schematic options. The staggered pin layout gives more space and allows for higher isolation from pin to pin on the PC board when compared to 1.0” x 0.1” relays. Designers have a choice between two switch technologies: ruthenium sputtered dry reed and the vertically mounted high performance Hg wetted contact.

Note: Relays with Hg Wetted option must be mounted vertically ±30˚

CUPP Series Features

  • Standard nominal coil voltages include 5, 12, and 24 volts
  • Designed to meet the most stringent telecommunications specification on a worldwide basis
  • Ideal for optional high isolation between input & output (up to 4000Vrms)
  • Custom multi-pole contact forms available


  • Telecom
  • Process control
  • General purpose electronics
  • Industrial
  • Security


In Inches (Millimeters)
  • CUPP mechanicals
  • CUPP mechanicals


All parameters are measured at 25°C unless otherwise stated.

  • CUPP schematic
  • CUPP schematic

Storage Temp: -40°C to +105°C; Operating Temp: -38°C to +85°C; Solder Temp: 270°C max; 10 sec. max
All electrical parameters measured at 25°C unless otherwise specified.
Vibration: 20 G’s to 2000 Hz; Shock: 50 G’s

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