B41 4-Channel RF Reed Relays

The B41 contains four independent form A channels in one planar quad package. Coto’s Ball Grid Array (BGA) construction offers a breakthrough in reed relay performance. This patented technology1 allows for shorter RF paths in a controlled 50 Ω environment to minimize signal attentuation. The designer is now able to switch or pass signals with wider bandwidth and faster rise time than alternative technologies. This is particularly important in Mixed Signal IC testers. This four-in-one BGA packaging allows relays to be integrated easily on boards designed for surface mount processing.  Download Datasheet

1Protected by one or more of the following US Patents: 6025768, 6052045, 6294971, 6683518, RE38381 and other foreign patents.

B41 Series Features

  • Planar BGA Surface Mount
  • Ability to switch GHz signals
  • Rise time < 45 ρSec
  • ~50Ω Characteristic Impedance
  • Low Capacitance
  • Patented Design1
  • RoHS compliant solder (optional)*


  • IC Testers
  • In-Line Relay Testers
  • Memory Testers
  • Mixed Signal Testers
  • High Bandpass Applications


In Inches (Millimeters)
  • B41 mechanicals
  • B41 mechanicals
  • B41 mechanicals
  • B41 mechanicals
  • B41 mechanicals


Storage Temp: -35°C to +100°C; Operating Temp: -20°C to +85°C.
Moisture Sensitivity Level: Handle as J-STD-020B Level 5A. (This may be relaxed with B41ROHS, but only after qualification testing is complete.)
Consult the Coto Technology website (cotorelay.com) for recommended reflow profile for SnPb Eutectic and SAC Alloys.
Vibration Exposure: Sinusoidal vibration with an amplitude of 10g over a 10Hz to 2000Hz frequency range shall not cause damage to relay.

B41 order info

For RF Graph Performance, see “RF Graphs” section of the “Reed Relay Technical & Application Information”

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