Coto Technologyは、優れた品質基準に関する評判を確立しています。 メキシコで製造された高品質の製品を通じて御社が市場シェア伸ばすご支援を致します。 当社は、安全および環境関連の全ての規制に準拠した設備を装備したISO-9001認定企業であり、最新のRoHS国際規格およびULおよびCSAからの適切な製品安全機関認可を満たす製品ポートフォリオも備えています。 当社の従業員は、広範かつ継続的な訓練を受けています。 また6シグマ認定の人材が多数在籍し、生産性の高い製造業を実践し、先進的なな品質プログラムを実施しています。 そしてISO 9001-2015の認証を取得していると共に完全なトレーサビリティを提供しています。

From the production line to the executive office of the company President, Coto’s commitment to quality is evident – as manifested by its world class products. Coto is certified to ISO-9001. Additionally, Coto’s environmental policy and controls are compliant with internationally accepted standard manufacturing practices aimed at reducing the effect of manufacturing activities on the environment. All Coto standard products have transitioned to RoHS compliant versions. Coto operates in an environment of structured problem solving, using cross-functional teams for product development planning and continuous improvement processes. These team efforts combined with active customer involvement ensure product designs that meet or exceed customer needs. Continuous production monitoring is accomplished through the use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and other quality practices such as FMEA’s (failure mode and effect analysis), PPAP’s (production part approval process) and zero acceptance sampling are used for analysis and monitoring of key parameters. Coto’s quality philosophy and discipline provide the building blocks for its reputation as the world leader in quality small signal switching products. Coto has the most advanced testing capability of any reed relay manufacturer. After the relays have been assembled, assurance of their conformity to specifications is accomplished through100% testing. Coto tests relays to the highest standards in the industry using its proprietary “System 320” Parametric Tester. The System 320 is capable of testing over 20 different parameters of the relay and recording the results of each test for each relay. This information can be retrieved in the form of Histogram graphs, Individual Results reports or Pareto Failure Analysis reports. Results from the test systems are networked in real time, allowing immediate access to statistical data on product performance and quality. Coto emphasizes Pareto-style graphical ranking of yield data, allowing for quick identification and resolution of problem areas. This aids the analysis of the relay’s performance over time and continuous quality improvement. Throughout the manufacture of Coto switches, a zero failure acceptance testing system is used for each critical process step. The mechanical and chemical properties of the switches after process stages such as plating, diffusion, sputtering, sealing and forming are inspected to ensure conformance to required specifications. Prior to shipment, 100% of the switches produced are electrically checked for AT value and contact resistance. Our life testing laboratories can cycle relays or switches while applying a wide range of load voltages and currents. Relays are concurrently tested up to one billion cycles. The effects of surge currents from reactive loads can be included. Failure data is analyzed using Weibull techniques to allow accurate prediction of MCBF (mean cycles before failure), and the confidence limits that apply. Coto also has a sweep frequency life tester designed to probe reed switch blade resonance and its effect on long term contact resistance. More advanced tests include Paschen voltage breakdown to detect switch seal breakdown, and an automated tester designed to determine the contact welding resistance of reed switches. Coto is also equipped with high-end digital oscilloscopes and network analyzers, to meet the increasing demand for relays with RF bandpass above 10 GHz.



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