9913 Series/Surface Mount Reed Relays

Ideally suited to the needs of Automated Test Equipment, Instrumentation and Telecommunications designers, Coto’s 9913 Series is an ultraminiature Surface Mount Reed Relay with the smallest footprint available in the market. The external Magnetic Shield reduces interaction between parts in high density boards. Small size allows for high density packaging which makes these relays ideal where high pin count and high performance are needed.

9913 Series Features

  • Available in a compact J Bend SMD package
  • Tape and Reel packaging available
  • High reliability, hermetically sealed contacts for long life
  • High Insulation Resistance - 1011 Ω minimum
  • External Magnetic Shield
  • RoHS compliant


In Inches (Millimeters)
  • dimension graphic
  • dimension graphic
  • dimension graphic
  • dimension graphic


1All parameters specified per EIA/NARM Standards for dry reed relays, no #RS-421 & RS-436 unless otherwise noted, all parameters specified @ 25ºC & 40% RH.
2Vibration: 20G’s to 2000 Hz Shock: 50G’s
3All parameters measured at 25ºC unless otherwise specified.
4Surface mount component processing themperature: 500ºF / 260ºC Max 1 minute dwell time.

  • schematic graphic
  • schematic graphic

Storage Temp: -35°C to +100°C; Operating Temp: -20°C to +85°C